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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

5 most addictive android games for 2018

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5 most addictive android games for march 2018

so here is the complete list of 5 most addicting game for android

1.)-Bouncy Hoops

bouncy hoops is all about basketball its a freestyle basketball arcade game that main aim is to do as much basket as you can. the game is super addictive and needs less memory and ram.

2.)-gentlemen ninja
in this game we are not actually a ninja we are a gentleman ninja which makes this game very attractive to play.this is super addicting game as you dont have enough time to think what you are doing you have to think fast.

3.)-smash rocket
this game is all about smashing rocket into planets and asteroids the main feature of the game is timing timing is very important in this game which make it in the list of addicting game.

4.)-Speed West

 The original Speed card game is one of the original addictive games and it works great on a phone. The guns add an extra element that makes your reaction time even more 

5.) small bang
this game is about dinosaurs running around the globe to protect themselves from the falling meteorites and asteroids so this is very addicting game that you should play on your android .

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