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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

apps you should uninstall from your phone

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Apps you should uninstall from your phone


there are some apps on your phone which you think are good and necessary for your phone but thats totally wrong.
yes you read it correct the apps which are given below are some fake apps used for fishing and hacking purpose.
dangerous apps for mobile


 you were shocked to see how truecaller can be dangerous for our mobile but yes truecaller is very dangerous for our mobile as its sync our contacts and call record to the server which can be used for some illegal purpose. so uninstall truecaller right now.

2. battery doctor 
yes battery doctor is a very dangerous app it does not maintain your battery it just consume your battery ram and memory. the main motive of this app is to generate income by showing advertisement on your phone.

3.clean master   
yes clean master is another app making your phone damage day by day
this apps claims to clean your memory to make your phone faster for this it kills all of your recent apps that in return our processor needs more power to re open the closed apps.

if you know some more apps than comment and i will make a blog regarding this and will give you a shoutout.

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